Why people like disposable razor?

ply the shaving cream, pick up the razor and shave. Nice and slow, What a wonderful and enjoyable day to start here.


Some people may doubt why a man still use a disposable razor even there are so many electric shavers. Of course people like the disposable razor,Let us talk about why?


First, the disposable razor works better than electric shavers. Especially for people with thick or hard beards, disposable razors perform better. Compare with the razor principle for disposable razors, the shaver use the scissors principle, there are stubble resided on the face, how long the stubble stay depends on the thickness of the knife net. By research shows, the lasting beard growth more slowly when use the disposable razors.


Meanwhile, some people found it is less irritation by using disposable razors. The disposable razors is more open due to the simple construction, which is much easier to rinse, and to reduce bacterial and dander residues. People use the aftershave which also keep the skin clam and prevent inflammation. After cleaning the electric shaver, there are still dander and bacteria into the hidden corner especially below the closed knife cover. The danger and bacteria fermented which will bring the irritation and cause the inflammation and skin red.


And, it is convenient for people to use the disposable razors, no need to bring the charger, no need to wait for 12 hours or more time to a full charge when people want to hurry in shave. Take it easy when business travel or family travel. According the experience, shave by disposable razors is quicker than electric shaver.


For some people, there are beard on the neck and around the face, it is sexy but it is hard to shave if use other tools for example electric shaver, Disposable shavers don’t have this problem Because razor with the small and exquisite razor cartridge is easy to arrived in the corner, and much fit the face,can move with your face outline, could shave the beard everywhere, including the neck and around the face.


It is time for a man to think about the life under the silence and show man’s muscle lines.So what are you waiting for?



Post time: Jan-22-2021