5 Steps to a Better Shave


Want a 100% smooth and safe shave? Follow these tips.




  1. Shave after washing




Showering or bathing in warm water for at least two to three minutes before shaving will prevent dirt and dead skin from clogging the shaver or causing ingrown growths




2. Dry the razor


Wipe down your razor and store it in a dry place to prevent germs




3. Use new, sharp blades


If it’s a disposable razor, throw it away after two or three uses. If it has replaceable blades, replace them with new ones before they become dull




4. Consider all angles


Shave down on legs and bikini area, armpit hair can grow in all directions so shave up, down and sideways




5. Applying a lot of shaving cream can increase lubrication and effectively reduce irritation and friction



Post time: Jul-31-2023