Love your life,enjoy your shaver

The earliest razor was found since 1800 years ago. The first old-fashioned razor was born, named the straight razor which was used until the 20th century and is still used by barbers in the oldest barber shops today,untill, King C. Gillette, invented the “T” shape,the double-edged safety razor, became very active.


Razors have become a daily necessity for both men and women,There are more and more advertisements about razors too. Razors make your face look confident, and razors make every day refreshing

Do too many advertisements make you not know how to choose the right shaver, because the experience brought by low-quality shavers can also be very bad

As a pioneer in the domestic shaver industrial,In 1995, NINGBO JIALI CENTURY GROUP CO.,LTD founded. The first line of the triple blade razors developed in 1998,and it is the great revolution when the first automatic-assembled cartridges line put into operating in china.The products line are single blade,twin blade,three blade,four blade ,five blade and six blades ,both for men and ladies. The advantage of function on the blade shaving life and comfortable shave make the GOODMAX world famous brand,the biodegradable material is available to meet all the requirement from the markets around the world.

 Beard is an enemy that can never be defeated.  If you prefer more traditional and clean shave, choose a hand-held razor for the perfect result. A sharp blade will shave the skin very clean and smooth, leaving no stubble on the hands

Washing with warm water, gently pat dry after scraping, do not rub hard, after shaving, The aftershave water can shrink pores, to the skin disinfection and leave clean fragrance, make people feel fresh and moist. After use, the blades should be washed clean clearly, placed in the ventilation to dry, in order to avoid bacterial breeding, blade should be changed regularly, washed with water, can also be soaked in alcohol

Shaving is good for cleaning the face, shedding the dead skin cells, strengthening the facial and Chin muscles, promoting local blood circulation and metabolism, helping to eliminate facial wrinkles, making people appear young and look sharp


Post time: Oct-12-2023