How to buy disposable razors?

According to the razor head, it can be divided into two types: fixed head and movable head.

The wrong choice of razor can also cause damage to facial skin, so choosing a good razor that suits you is the first skill to learn.


First of all, the choice of razor head.


1. Fixed tool head.

Fixed head razor is easy to operate, not easy to hurt the skin, not easy to cause bleeding, skin-sensitive friends can focus on.


2. Movable tool head.

The principle of this kind of razor is relatively simple.But because the blade often moves back and forth, it tends to wear out quickly.


The effect of manual razor is the cleanest and most thorough. If you usually pursue the ultimate smoothness, I believe you must be very familiar with it.


Generally speaking, manual shaving takes a long time, about 10-15 minutes, but the effect is very good, shaving very clean, all the stubble swept away. Because it is thoroughly clean, low-cost and easy to operate, it has always occupied a considerable proportion in the market. Even if you are usually busy, you can also choose to use a manual razor on a special day to make your skin smoother.


In addition to the razor head, when choosing a razor, you should pay attention to the problems according to your own characteristics:


1. Appearance: whether the length of the handle is suitable for you. The suitable tool holder should be non-skid, feel comfortable, non-skid, and the weight is appropriate.


2.Blade: first of all, it should be sharp, not easy to rust, and had better have a certain lubrication effect.


This is our new product.


The Model SL-8201.



5 layer system blade, product size 143.7mm 42mm, product weight 38g, blade using Sweden stainless steel.The new series of system blade are designed with open back, the whole body is washable and easy to clean.

A razor head like a pen cap.which is more convenient to replace.All you have to do is pull it out and plug a new one in.

The product is equipped with a base,which makes it more convenient to place.

The products are available in box packing,blister card packing and gift boxes for you to choose from.



Post time: Jul-05-2021