Do you know anything about Manual razors?

The more fertile you are, the faster your beard will grow.

Moreover, the long beard of the local vascular distribution than the hair root, nutrients easy to get, so the beard always shave today, tomorrow long. Medical experts believe that long beard should be shaved off, the reason is to grow a long beard will affect health, because the beard has the characteristics of adsorption of harmful substances.

It is low cost, easy to operate, the manual shaver has been accounted for more than half of the market sales. With the change of consumer habits, more and more people enjoy the pleasure and relaxation of shaving, more and more consumers



Classification of manual shavers. Fixed head shaver. The finger tip is fixed on the knife holder and cannot be rotated. The utility model comprises two kinds of razors, one is to install a double-edged blade on the knife holder, namely the earliest manual razor, commonly known as the security double-sided knife, and the other is to fix the blade head on the knife holder, which is composed of single or multiple blades, the utility model relates to a disposable razor.


sweden Stainless steel

Multi-blade Razor. With the development of new technology, manual shaving becomes more and more comfortable. Three, four, five, six-blade blades are now available.

Refers to the blade can be rotated, and the blade can be removed and replaced, the hilt can be used continuously. The utility model has a long handle, and the blades are arranged on the cutter post in a plurality of layers in parallel. When shaving, the head of the tool holder can rotate on the pivot of the upper part of the tool holder to keep the blade edge at a good shaving angle, and after the front blade pulls out the beard root, it is cut off from the root by the back blade. The utility model is cleaner and more comfortable than the fixed manual razor.


System razor——–The shaver can be replaced the cartridge because when it can be replaced,  the holder can be used continuously and cyclically. So it’s important to choose a durable, textured tool holder.. Compare the sharpness of the blade. The quality of the blade is the core of the razor. The sharper the blade is not the better, need to find a suitable degree, because each person’s beard characteristics are not the same, thick hard beard needs a little higher sharpness. But Chinese facial hair is generally softer and thinner, and razor blades that are too sharp can irritate the skin and cause skin flakes to fall off. Consumers in the purchase of attention had better according to the characteristics of their own choose and buy razors.


Compare the durability of the blade. Manual shaver is a daily consumption, the blade will gradually blunt with the increase of shaving frequency, usually a blade can be used for half a month shaving frequency is slightly different , but generally for the cleanliness of the blade, also for the health of consumers, experts recommend a week or so to replace a knife head.

Comparison Strip. The head of a hand-operated razor generally contains a lubricating strip that moisturizes and calms. This lubricating strip is rich in aloe essence, automatically generates a smooth liquid when encountering water, increases the degree of skin lubrication, makes the skin feel smooth, gives you a perfect shave to enjoy.

Post time: Aug-09-2021