Personal care products are always consumed daily and razor as FMCG is only one kind of them , its QTY of consumers is so huge as it is one of necessary articles for daily use and different package is mostly on sales in major markets such as South America, North America , Europe and Middle East ,Following is package info for easy understanding by showing different package pictures

First South America ,has more than ten developing countries and huge populations with middle level of consumer ,certainly the market is so big that all the China razor suppliers regard it as one of major markets . The most popular of razor package is always hanging card 24pcs and most are disposable razors with twin blade or triple blade , but polybag packing is only as minority











Second North America it is surely biggest market for China suppliers , it not only has large populations but has rich levels of consumer, That is to say different quality level of goods is usually accepted in the market . Top is blister card package looking luxury and certainly need more cost , and enconomy package as followed

3035 3刀套4双泡壳











Industry origined in Europe where many developed countries have small population compared with USA,BRAZIL ,and complete level of consuming is higher and low quality goods are usually accepted . Certainly China razors sales well there,but not as much as market share in South America , and most popular package is usually polybag ,2pcs,5pcs per bag or 10pcs per long bag, like the following pictures .












Finally there are also more than 10 developing countries in Middle East ,in where the biggest market is Iran and Saudi Arabic , and no special razor package is the most popular ,rather than mixed packing such as polybag 10pc,hanging card 5pc and blister card 12, 24 or 48pcs as followed :

3035 3刀套4双泡壳 SL-3007L 3035TLH











Recent years quite great progress in China razor industry , But most have been exporting to wholesalers or chain shops who have their own brands,namely private labels , and keep eyes on sales of brand razors of Gillette ,BIC ,Dorco etc to copy them, That is why so much difference in pack types in different markets

Post time: Feb-20-2021