How to Take Care of Your Disposable Razor

A good blade razors and a average quality blade razors can complete the shaving, but the average quality blade razors spend more time, the performance is not clean, but painful. The little careless on the bleeding, the serious and broken on your face, with the bad blades.


Men have been shaving their faces for a long, long time. over the years, men’s faces have become increasingly smooth and stubble-free, Women got into the act as well, with expectations for smooth legs and armpits.

There are so many kinds of the blade razors from each manufactory over the world. they pay much more attention on the performance experience the razors give, but few knows how to take care the blade razors to have a longer shaving life. A steel razor blade can get dull quickly when cutting something as soft as hair, and now researchers have gotten their first up-close look at how a close shave actually damages the blade razors every day . Using a dirty razor not only can hinder chances of achieving a closer shave but it can also cause skin irritation, razor burn and bumps..

Learn how to clean and store your disposable razors properly so they can last longer and give you a closer shave every time.

1.Rinse your disposable razor after every two or three strokes. Rinsing in between razor strokes helps remove a build-up of cut hairs and shaving cream.

2. Perform a final rinse when your shave is complete. Then place the disposable razor under the water, rotating it as you rinse to remove hair and shaving cream from between the blades and around the head of the razor.

3. Dry with a clean paper ,let the razor air dry with the blades facing up to avoid dulling.

4. Snap the plastic blade protector provided by the manufacturer back on the razor head. Store the disposable razor blade in a dry area until the next use.


Shaving Tips

Place the blade into the shaving-set.

Use the foaming agent for shaving

Use warm water to wash the blade razor after shaving

Take out the blade to replace only

Do not touch the blade edges, do not wipe the blade.

Keep away from Children.

Keep the blade in a dry place

Post time: Jan-25-2021