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How to choose a right disposable razor?

There are kinds of razors in the market, single blade razor to six blade razor, classic razor to open back blade razor. How can we choose a right razor for ourselves? 

A, Determine your beard type

a.Sparse beard or less body hair.           ----- Choose 1 or 2 blade razor

b.Soft and more beard                   ----- Choose 2 or 3 blade razor

c.Hard and more beard                  ----- Choose 3 or more blade razor

d.Thick and hard beard, with more area     ----- Choose 3 or more blade razor

B, Determine your budget

a.If you are still on study, with the income with the Economic budget  

 ----- Choose 2 or 3 blade razor

b.If you are at work, with more budget  

----- Choose 3 to 6 blade razor, and open back blade razor          

C, Determine the brand

a.Brand favor              ----- Choose the favor brand

b.No- brand favor           ----- Choose the good feedback brand from the market

D. Determine the razor situation or style

a. Travel               ----- Choose the 2-3 blade razor for 2-3 day use

b. At home             ----- Choose the more blade razor, and open back blade razor

c. At home             ----- Choose the system razor

The razor is not only the article of daily use, but also the trend, to find out a right razor is very import. 

To find a right razor, to try more razors and find out the most suitable one, more view the feedback from social software such as Instagram, Youtube ect, you will find the suitable ones.


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